Team Effort

Mat-Su ValleyMay is a month of big change here in Alaska. It begins brown, with melting all around, yet there can still be days when we awake to new snow on the mountain tops. By month’s end, it will be gloriously green. In the process of this transition, we will definitely see our share of mud, and smell more than our share of yuck. May brings the first of the annual stream of tourists.We welcome you all. Enjoy your time here!

May, of course, is for honoring our mothers, and also for calling attention to how hard nurses work. I certainly am grateful for my mom, and I am very lucky to have a great team of nurses with whom I work in the hospital. They make my life easier. Each person is integral to the surgical process. From pre-op, to surgical suite and post-op, to floor nursing care, the team members work smoothly. They are all dedicated, hard-working men and women who care for patients with compassion and competence every day. So, Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Nurses’ Day.

I also have the distinct privilege to work with a team of bright and talented young women in my office. I am lucky to have a great staff who meet each day with a smile and a sense of humor. They anticipate our patients’ questions and concerns. They are always ready with answers, dressings, and schedule adjustments. I can’t imagine the office without these talented ladies.

The Mat-Su Plastic Surgery Team is comprised of Heather and Rachel. They are all three eager and quick learners. They are dedicated to patient care, and they make each day in the office fun. Allow me to introduce them to you.

Heather runs the front desk. She owns the front desk, actually. An Arizona native and a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a degree in Health Science, she is quickly becoming a “tough Alaska chick.” In under 2 years in Alaska she has embraced fishing (including ice fishing) and hunting. She was our hunting heroine this year when she got a moose on her first hunt EVER! It might be a bit of an exaggeration, but we tell everyone that she actually convinced the moose to give up and get in the truck. What is not an exaggeration is that she is the master of the schedule, and completely charming. She is always ready with a smile and a kind word for every patient, and all of our patients love her. Of course.


Rachel is currently in nursing school and still manages to work in our office. Whew! She is busy. She plans to get her Doctorate of Nursing Practice, and I have no doubt that she will meet all of her academic goals. She is highly organized, bright, and driven. Rachel would like to pursue trauma and emergency nursing. She is a star at wound care and post-op care. She has a wicked sense of humor and can make us all laugh at any moment. Rachel recently gave up shopping for cute boots and began shopping for plumbing supplies and paint as she became a first time homeowner. If she is not working or at school, she is probably at Home Depot.

I count among my many blessings my incredible staff. These bright young women are all “smart cookies” and a joy to work with. They bring energy, smiles, and talent to the Mat-Su Plastic Surgery Team. Whether you see us for Coolsculpting, a burn, breast reduction, or a trauma reconstruction, you will have the pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies.

Last, but certainly not least, is my home team. My fantastic husband who has great patience with me and my schedule is really the ultimate “team member.” He lives with grace and calm and can always make me laugh. He completes the Mat-Su Plastic Surgery Team as our C.F.O. (a job nobody else wants to tackle) and he is the best “doggie daddy” ever. Completely endorsed by Dagney and Ellie.