Shake, Rattle, and Roll

The usual January greeting is, “How was your Christmas?” But this year the greetings we exchange go something like this:

How were your holidays?
How did you do with the earthquake?
Did you have much damage?
Where were you when it hit?

We are all still in recovery mode from the November 30 7.0 earthquake, and all of these aftershocks make it harder to completely move forward. At the house we were very lucky. We did not have significant structural damage, but we had a number of paintings that crashed to the floor. Some spots on the floor have dents marking the point of impact. We had the frames repaired, but we are hesitant to re-hang the artwork…..because, well, it seems like things are still shaking, rattling, and rolling.

We have a patient who was on the Eagle River Bridge at the time of the earthquake. WOW! That’s a ride I don’t want to have. She was unscathed, for which we are grateful, and she tells the story with a twinkle in her eye. Absolutely captivating.

Where was I? In the office. And to the patient who was on the procedure table as the earthquake hit, let me congratulate you on your patience, your trust, and your sense of humor. Your suture line looks great, by the way.

The office took a bit of a hit. Some things lept off shelves, some things broke, and some things just got a bit bashed up. Our Skinceuticals inventory falls into the last category. Some products are now in boxes with dents or plastic tubes with scuff marks. We are having an earthquake sale on all of our in stock Skinceuticals products. We know that part of the fun of getting a new bottle of CE ferulic is taking it out of the pretty turquoise box, and a fresh tube of Replenishing Cleanser looks great. So to make up for some of the scratches and dents on some of our stock, we are discounting it ALL through March 15. Every in-stock item is 25% off. If you buy three products you get a fourth at 50% off.

The holidays were lovely. The decorations are stowed in the storage closet until next year. We are meeting 2019 with hope for a good year for all our patients, our friends, and our families. We are hoping that the nearly constant aftershocks will indeed quiet down as the seismologists tell us they will. Come on by. Restock your Skinceuticals. And we’d love to hear about your holidays and your earthquake stories.