New Season. New Cool Stuff. New Fabulous Staff.

Spring has arrived as far as the calendar is concerned. Certainly we are seeing signs of its arrival. We now enjoy over 12 hours of daylight each day. Snow is melting in the valley and thinning on the mountains. Birds are beginning to return. But winter does not leave graciously. Snow still falls intermittently. The wind howls with surprising regularity, and the night time temperatures mandate bundling up in layers when I walk the dogs. But the patches of green grass give us hope and confirm our faith that summer will return. To Alaskans this season is called “almost spring.”

Almost spring is notable for small lakes where winter snow piles accumulated. Cars are covered in variable thicknesses of dust and mud. It is not uncommon to see a car with none of the actual paint color visible. People are dressed in variable numbers of layers. The hardiest of souls have transitioned to short sleeves. (What?) Some slightly more cautious souls are still sporting vests or a lightweight down jacket. And weather wimps like me are still wearing a sweater underneath our outer down layer.

We’ve been busy at Mat-Su Plastic Surgery with post-holiday changes. Heather is now in school full time. We hated to say good-bye to her, but we found 2 really amazing women to staff the office. Kala is on the phone and the check in desk part time. She is joined by Fredi Jane who helps me keep the patient area running smoothly and who does double duty with Kala. These young women are multi-talented, fast learners, and they just could not be any nicer if they tried. We are really counting our blessings to have found such fabulous staff members. Stop by to say hello and welcome them to our team.

We have some other new “team members.” We have added the Cool Mini and the Cool Petite applicators to our Coolsculpting options. Some of you were frankly a little too lean or too “petite” for the Cool advantage applicator. So, now we can get that pesky area of fat by the bra line using the Cool Petite applicator. The Cool Mini works the fatty area below the chin. We really appreciate the patients who helped us trial these new treatment heads. Now is a great time to get some stubborn fat treated. The results will be showing up just in time for summer with short sleeves, skirts and dresses, and maybe even shorts. (Of course your waders will still look like big bulky rubber pants. At least mine do!)

All in all we’re excited for the season change. Warm temperatures. Warm smiles from new staff members, and cool fat freezing from new Coolsculpting applicators. What’s not to like?