New Cool Stuff and Sunshine

Winter in Alaska is long. And dark. And cold. Most of us try to take a break. Hawaii is a popular refuge for Alaskans. Ditto Las Vegas and Arizona. This year Gary and I took a break in Africa. We did a whirlwind trip spending a few days in South Africa, stopping in Zimbabwe for 2 days to see Victoria Falls, and finally going to Rwanda to trek to the mountain gorillas. What a very different world from ours. It was our second trip to Africa, and a very different adventure than the last trip. The world is a fascinating place to explore. So many things on my bucket list…

March is an odd month. In the southern states people are busy getting their yards and gardens ready. At my dad’s house in the midwest the tulips and daffodils are beginning to peek out of the ground. And here in Alaska, we consider spring to be just around the corner because our daylight is returning. Never mind that we have a new layer of snow almost every other day: for us, this is the beginning of spring.

The Iditarod is in full swing. The race winner will likely arrive in Nome in the next day. (By the time you read this, the winner will be declared.) The Iron Dog race has come and gone. Fur Rondy is over. Our total daylight is just under 12 hours per day. There is a subtle warming trend, and we hear water in our gutters as some of the snow on the roof is melting. Spring Alaska style.

At Mat-Su Plastic Surgery we have a new CoolSculpting applicator to help you get ready for spring and summer. We have been so thrilled with the great results we are able to get using our CoolAdvantage applicator that we added the CoolAdvantage Plus applicator. It allows us to get a wide area of the core fully treated in just 45 minutes. (Think lower abdomen trouble spot)

To help introduce the CoolAdvantage applicators we will be having a “Cool Open House” in the office on May 8. With a bit of luck and good flight connections we hope to have our CoolSculpting representative, Josie Parrish on hand to help answer any questions you might have. Everyone who attends the open house will get fantastic savings on CoolSculpting packages. We look forward to seeing you. Call us with any questions. We love to hear from you.