Summer has arrived in Alaska. Finally.

May had some fun things, for sure. It was great to see a lot of people at our Coolsculpting open house in May. Nurses week is in May, and certainly I love all of the amazing nurses I get to work with. But May teased us with short glimpses of sunshine followed by rain and cool temperatures…and then more rain. At last June has delivered us glorious sunshine, warming temperatures, and of course, tourists.

Welcome to all of our visitors. We hope you have a fabulous time while you are visiting our state. If we seem to be in a bit of a frenzy it’s because we are. The days stretch together with a slight shade of dusk ending one day before the new day begins. We have projects to do around the yard, flowers to plant, and gardens to tend. We have fish to catch, trails to hike, s’mores to make…You can’t imagine the Alaskan summer pace if you haven’t lived it. You can laugh at us mowing our yards at midnight or helping our neighbor build a deck at 2:00am. We laugh at ourselves. We know we’re a bit crazed at this time of the year but, oh how we love it!

Heather is playing softball again this summer, and since we love Heather so much in the office (what’s not to love?) we are sponsoring her team. She really rocks the softball jersey, and she’s a stellar player to boot! Very competitive. I’m doing the team the favor of not playing. My softball skills are nonexistent. I’m quite good at sitting in the bleachers and cheering them on. Who’s my favorite player? Heather, of course!

Rachel just finished nursing school, and we are so proud of her. She’ll be sitting for her boards in the next few weeks, so we’re cheering her on, too.

Bike time!

Gary and I are trying to take advantage of the weather to get in some good road riding on our bicycles. We did the Palmer Spring Classic hosted by Backcountry Bike and Ski. It was chilly and windy, and my North Carolina cycling buddies would call it a winter ride, but it was lots of fun. The skies were clear and the staff did a super job with the ride. We’ll definitely put that ride on the repeat list! I have been riding locally and I have been impressed with how courteous the drivers are when they come up to pass me. Thanks to “all y’all” for being so nice.

Bike time!

Recently I lost a dear friend. My very best friend from my residency training passed away. Dr. Stephen King was a true force. He was funny, whip smart, and kind. He was truly a master of both the art and science of medicine. His surgical hands were gifted as was his critical surgical eye. If you knew Dr. King, you loved him. If you knew him, your life was better because of it. His laugh was robust and infectious. His compassion was genuine and deep. Steve did not waste his days. He did not squander time. His life was full, and mine is fuller because he was in it.

Enjoy the summer. Have fun. Enjoy the sun. Have plenty of adventures. Have plenty of s’mores. The summer is fleeting, and life is short.

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