New Cool Season and New Cool Stuff

The last gasp of summer has faded. The mornings are becoming downright cold. Frost glistens on the grass in the valley, and snow teases us from the mountaintops. As Autumn does one last colorful dance Winter waits in the wings. October brings cold temperatures, markedly shorter days, and eventually snow in the valley. But October is also the month to acknowledge breast cancer awareness. October finishes with Halloween, and ushers in the beginning of the holiday season. Thanksgiving seems to be but a blink away at this point.

We are very excited about our new Coolsculpting applicator. We now have the CoolAdvantage applicator. What is the advantage? Glad you asked!

The CoolAdvantage applicator is more comfortable than the standard applicators. The CoolAdvantage completes a treatment in half the time. And perhaps the best part of the CoolAdvantage is that it actually treats a larger area of tissue. That’s right: More fat treated in half the time. We love it!

We are also happy to have some new SkinCeuticals cleanser offerings. SkinCeuticals recently developed a few new cleansers to help with some typical skin problems: Sensitive skin, prominent pores, and make-up that just does not want to easily clean off. Don’t worry: The cleansers that you know and love have not been discontinued. We just now have more options.

Best Moose Photo by Chip Brock

Photo by Chip Brock

With the seasonal changes in October comes a change in recreational activities. Filling our freezers with fish eases up, and many Alaskans do a hunting trip to fill the freezer with moose or caribou. I am not a hunter, but I have wanted to see a regal bull moose since I moved here. Thanks to my friend (and fabulous wildlife artist) Chip Brock, I finally saw a fabulous bull moose. Chip took me to a trail where he usually has good luck finding impressive bull moose. We were richly rewarded for our early morning efforts. The morning was cold, with a low lying fog. As the sun rose, the sky cleared and Denali was visible in the distance. A very handsome bull entertained several cow moose, and for some reason rejected a cow that seemed perfectly lovely to me. Thanks to Chip for taking us to the show!

We are looking forward to sharing our new cool stuff with you, and also some great moose pictures.

Thanks to Chip Brock for sighting the bull moose for us!

Thanks to Chip Brock for sighting the bull moose for us!