March is Here!

March in Alaska is the time of increasing daylight, with the promise of “break-up” and Spring just around the corner. It is time for paying attention to skin care, sun damage prevention, and repair of the winter’s harsh cold and wind. (Come see all the great Skinceuticals products. Print this blog to save 10% on any skin care purchase in March.)

March in Alaska is the time to plant seeds and get this year’s plants started in our greenhouses, garage, living rooms, or kitchen windows. Good luck with this year’s tomatoes!

But mostly, March in Alaska is Iditarod. Like the Daytona 500 is to NASCAR, the Iditarod is to dog mushing. We love the ceremonial start; we love the re-start; and of course we love the dogs. We wish all the mushers a safe trail to Nome, and of course we are pulling for our sponsored musher, Cim Smyth.

Good luck, Cim. Safe journey to all 69 teams.