Autumn Returns

The summer of 2019 was smoking hot for Alaska. Literally. With a rash of forest fires the state was frequently covered in smoke. At last we have received some rain, and our fire fighter patients tell me that things are getting better. We extend our gratitude to all the firefighters who have helped Alaska during this season. And to anyone who lost property or animals in the fires; we are truly sorry for your loss. The stories of local families fleeing their homes have been heartbreaking.

As summer draws to a close, and Labor Day is behind us the frenzied pace of activity slows a bit. With shorter days and cooler temperatures we look back on the “midnight sun” and prepare for the long winter ahead.

Every summer Gary and I try to do a little Alaska “staycation.” This year we went to Kodiak. We had heard that it is very lush and green. We had heard that the people were very friendly and easy going. We heard correctly. The island was very green, indeed. The floor of the forests looked like it had been carpeted, albeit in green carpet from the 1970’s… No, we did not have a bear encounter. We did some hiking and general exploring. We found the Pacific Spaceport Complex, went to the Kodiak Fisheries Research Aquarium, and walked through old WWII sites. I can definitely recommend it as a weekend getaway. Thanks, Kodiak!

Labor Day weekend was the family get-together for my dad’s 95th birthday. Yep. 95! He’s sharp as a tack with a biting wit, and a keen sense of observation of human behavior. (We never got away with anything when we were growing up.) The neighbors all stopped by for the party, and his good friend from church came to help him celebrate. (She’s 97, quick-witted, and VERY funny. Quite the role model.)

Soon enough the holiday season will be upon us. Time just flies when you’re having fun. Enjoy the autumn, fleeting though it might be. Get ready for snow season.