August Means Autumn in Alaska

No kidding. On August first we awoke to cooler temperatures and rain. We were all hoping that it would be a brief phase and that summer would return for a few weeks. Alas, it does not seem that we will get our wish. The leaves are changing colors. The birch leaves are starting to flutter to the ground. The mornings are darker day by day. And the cool breezes are becoming stronger and colder. Autumn has arrived and none of us has all of our summer projects completed. Darn! This always happens.

School starts this week. (Shout out to our friends Bella and Allie at Snowshoe Elementary!)

Each summer Gary and I try to do a little Alaska “staycation” and see a part of this great state that we haven’t ever seen before. This summer we went to Dutch Harbor, which is the #1 fishing port in the nation. Hard to believe, but it’s true. The other fascinating thing to see in Unalaska and Dutch Harbor is the WWII history. Yep. During June of 1942 the battle of Dutch Harbor was fought. Hard fought and hard won, and subsequently defended at much cost and with great effort. The Aleutian Islands were a significant part of the Pacific theater during the war. I have been reading the history, and to my chagrin, most of what I read is new to me. Where was this during my American History classes?

My dad was in the European theater during WWII, and perhaps because of that, I have always been very interested in that time of history. I do burn reconstruction in part because of a story my dad told me about a burned soldier. Speaking of my dad: he turns 94 on September 4. I like to tease him that eating ice cream is his secret to longevity, because believe me – my dad LOVES ice cream. We go to Graeter’s every time I visit him in Cincinnati. Yum!

The next few months will find us all layering a bit more, packing up our summer sports equipment and getting the winter stuff ready. And right after Halloween we always jump into the busy holiday season. Why not use the next few months to do something nice for yourself before the holiday rush starts? Read a good book. Pet your dog a bit more. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Treat yourself to Coolsculpting. In honor of my dad’s birthday mention this blog for $94 off the price of any Coolsculpting package.

Happy birthday, Dad.