Snow Fall, Fur Rondy, Iditarod – Oh My!

For those of you in the lower 48 watching your early spring flowers begin to peek out from the ground, let me explain March in Alaska to you.

At this point we have been shoveling since just around Halloween. We frankly go a bit stir crazy, and with the days getting longer and the snow melt still a few months away, we start making our own brand of fun.

Fur Rondy is underway in Anchorage. The snowshoe softball games were held last weekend with actual snow and the anticipated clumsiness of “running” the bases in snowshoes. This weekend will be the Running of the Reindeer event, one of my personal favorites. I am told that the reindeer picked for the event have to have a rather non-aggressive demeanor. One would guess that they might also have a sense of humor.

Ice fishing is always good for some winter fun. One of my co-workers, who will remain nameless, caught a fish the size of her….palm! We were all so impressed. Not to worry, the fish is happily swimming below the ice once again. It only had to pose for the one picture, which entertained us immensely.

The snowmachine (snowmobile for those of you in the lower 48) enthusiasts are finally getting a winter designed for their pleasure. Ditto for the Nordic skiers. This winter’s snowfall has been beautiful, and I would not have wanted to miss it. (I could do without the broken ankle I got from slipping on the ice, however.)

Iditarod will be starting this Saturday with the ceremonial start in Anchorage. The re-start this year is in Fairbanks. Apparently, despite the excellent snowfall here in the Mat-Su Valley, the trail north of us is not well covered. As always, we wish every dog and each musher a safe race first and foremost. Dagney and Ellie will not be running the Iditarod. Several people have asked about their ability to pull a sled. Their strength is not the limiting factor. They simply refuse to participate with any activity that does not involve time on the couch at the end of the day. Snowflakes!

So, what to do for the blog special? With so many fun things going on, and with everyone looking forward to the warmer and sunnier days that are surely coming in 6-8 weeks, it seems that we should give you something that will help you welcome those days. For every 3 treatment hour units of Coolsculpting that you purchase in March and April you will receive a fourth treatment hour unit at 50% off. It typically takes 6 weeks to begin to see significant changes from Coolsculpting, so it should be just in time for our version of spring.

In the meantime, enjoy the snow, and make your own fun however you can.