Happy New Year! Happy Birthday!

Time flies. Another holiday season is packed away. The new year awaits us all like a clean slate. And here in Alaska, we can already see the hint of the return of sunlight. Mind you, the days are still short – and it is definitely cold – but the days are longer as we move away from the Winter Solstice. I hope you got what you wanted or at least what you needed for Christmas or Hanukkah. I hope your holiday season was filled with joy, and that your holiday was truly merry and bright.

As some of you know, Gary and I spent the holiday season moving into our new house, which has been an ordeal of epic proportions. I’d like to report that the trials and tribulations are behind us. At least I can report that we both have managed to keep a sense of humor, and have mostly maintained a sense of perspective. (With age comes wisdom?) Surprisingly, the dogs have done amazingly well with all of the turmoil. Not surprisingly, they have been richly rewarded, and some might even say a bit spoiled.

My mother turns 90 this month, which is pretty remarkable. The victory for my brother is that he will be having a birthday, too. We are so grateful for my brother beating his cancer, and we are mindful of the team effort involved in his victory. If 2016 was the year of chemotherapy, we are planning on 2017 being a year to catch up. My mother has decided that turning 90 deserves a bit of a party complete with cake and ice cream. (Those who know my mother will recognize this as another in a long list of reasons to have cake and ice cream.) When Jane decides to have a party, you can bet you are going to attend. I will be out of the office for a bit in January to celebrate with my mom, and to eat cake and ice cream, definitely!

To share the birthday party with all our patients we are offering $90 off any Coolsculpting package sold in January and February. We hope you like your present. Just be sure to bring in the blog page to receive the discount.