Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Happy Fourth of July

DSC_5130The summer is flying by here in Southcentral Alaska. The fireweed is higher than usual for this time of year, and some plants are in full bloom. For my friends in the lower 48, this is either amazingly good news that the summer came early and has been sunny, or amazingly bad news that in 6 weeks there will be snow. I generally try to be an optimist.

The fishing season has been busy, and at this point in the summer there are some definite bragging rights being earned. (We need the pictures as proof, by the way.) July has always been a special month in my family. My parents got married on July 1 sixty-seven years ago. I’ll wait while that sinks in. 67 years of marriage.

DSC_5135Wow. Way to go Mom and Dad! (It probably helped that their children were all so well behaved and really total angels……)

You may recall that July 4 is an extra special day in our house now. Not only do we celebrate July 4 with the rest of the country, but we celebrate the puppies’ birthday. Dagney and Ellie turned 2 on the Fourth of July. Please don’t tell them that the holiday was not just for them. They’re a little bit spoiled.

This year we add another family event to July: I will be out of town for a few days to join my family for a cancer-free celebration for my brother. To all of you who have kept him in your thoughts and prayers, and to those who asked about him as he touched it out through chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant: Thank you. Thank you for your kindness and your concern.DSC_5137

So, what to do for a blog special in what has become a very special month? In honor of my parents’ anniversary we are offering $67 off of every CoolSculpting treatment hour unit sold in July and August. And in honor of my brother’s tough battle, I am donating $10 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for every CoolSculpting treatment hour sold in July and August.

It’s July. Let’s celebrate. Summer is short. Make a s’more and I’ll be back on this page in September.