photo-2And just like that October is upon us. The year is flying by. October marks the official weather shift to winter here in Alaska. Hunting trips have been extended due to storms limiting return access. Snow is covering several mountain tops. Frost greets us every morning. The days are shorter. We are already seeing the Northern Lights dance in the evening sky. And yet, there is still some lovely warm mid-afternoon sun…..

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There’s a lot of pink around the hospital. Pink adorns storefronts and websites. Whatever it takes to remind us: Ladies, let’s make sure our mammograms are mps6scheduled. Make the time. Please. As always, we congratulate our patients who have fought their breast cancer fights, and we are cheering for those of you that are in the fight now. You go, girls!

Anticipating the full weather change to winter, we went to Hatcher Pass a few weeks ago to get photos of the dogs. Dagney and Ellie are big, beautiful sheepdogs, but we wanted a professional to really capture them with the gorgeous Alaska scenery as a backdrop. Melissa Laggis did a fabulous job for us, and Ellie was particularly pleased. The day was a lot of fun for us, and the weather was spectacular. Clear and sunny. Exactly the type of day that makes you glad that you live here.

October closes with Halloween, and after that we will be thrown into the full “Holiday Season.” Before you get caught up in the cooking, the shopping, and the decorating, make time for yourself. Get your mammogram. Count it as a present to yourself and to those who love you.

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